4 Ways to Lose Weight with Water

Have you ever considered losing weight with the safest and most beneficial drink?

Water is the source of life on this earth, from the survival of a fish, growing of a fruitful tree, or making up of the human body; everything depends on water which is vital to life. But did you know that this same drink i.e. water, can help you lose massive amounts of weight from your body.

In this article, you will find out different ways, tip and tricks to lose weight using only water. It is a universally known fact that water removes toxins from the body, cleanses your body of waste, suppresses appetite, and boosts metabolism. All of these properties of water aid in weight reduction. Moreover, when you drink more water, the body does not retain previously drunk water and it sheds off water weight from the body as well. Make sure you drink the recommended 8 to 10 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated and lose weight.

If you suddenly start starving at odd times then immediately drink some water. This has been a long kept secret for weight loss, but with enough scientific studies and easily accessible fitness education, it has become a well-known fact that proper hydration through water helps maintaining weight. Specifically, those on the heavier side are recommended to drink more water and stay hydrated to lose weight and become fit.

Replace high-calorie drinks with water:

Try to make this most important switch from soda and carbonated drinks, artificially flavored juices, and high-calorie beverages, and sugar-rich cocktails, to plain water. If you want to add flavor the add fresh juice from half a lemon or some lime juice and a teaspoon full of honey to your glass of water. This combination of lemon juice and honey with water will not only add flavor to your drink, but will be an all-natural alternative to harmful drinks that play their part in fattening the body. The lemon in water will act as a further stimulates the fat reduction properties of water, and will undoubtedly shed weight really fast by burning fat. The weight-loss program of Phen24 can also be adapted to improve and boost the metabolism power of water.

2 Glasses before every meal:

It has been proven effective that drinking 2 glasses of water before each meal helps in slimming down. Drinking water before any meal would fill up your stomach and you will eat lesser than you would have eaten without water. Therefore, water works as a suppressant of appetite, which is one of the major causes of obesity and weigh-gain. It is recommended not to drink water after your meal because it dilutes the digestive juices and hinders the process of digestion. And it has been established that drinking two glasses of water (about 8 ounces each), will suppress your diet, helps in efficient digestion, boosts metabolism, and results in weight loss.

Drink 8 to 10 glasses a day:

The top most nutritionists have formulated the 8×8 rule; drink 8 glasses of 8 ounce each to maintain an ideal weight, and if you have a lot of pounds to shed and you really want the water to reduce your weight then go up to drinking 9 or 10 glasses of plain water every day, to lose weight faster than any other diet.

Some people need more water depending on their physical exertion, dry weather, or simply because of their body’s structure. A simple way to check if your body is getting enough water is to check the color of your urine, if it comes out clear or light yellow in color then your water intake is about right, otherwise you will have to immediately increase your water intake to regulate your body and to lose weight fast.

Eat water-laden food:

Some fruits and vegetables have more water content than all other food items. Cucumbers, celery, raw broccoli, apples, peaches, carrots, plums, and water melons are a few such fruits and vegetables that can keep you hydrated and help you lose weight as they are very low in calorie, thus you will feel full without eating much calories. Alternatively, you can start on the weight loss program of Phen24 which works for 24 hours in a day to constantly burn fat and calories from your body that had piled up over the time.

According to a study, staying hydrated is particularly important for anyone with a body-mass-index of 25 or above, which is considered overweight. They found that a higher body mass index is associated with hydration. The people with higher BMI (body mass index) are more likely to be inadequately hydrated, and those who stay well hydrated are less likely to be obese. Therefore, keep drinking enough water to keep you hydrated so that you too can lose weight fast and get slim and fit soon. Visit DietHealthMag Weight Loss Pills for Women!

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